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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bruce allow fans to tape his concerts?

Beginning with the fall 2009 tour, Bruce's policy is that audience taping is now allowed from the seats. If you will be taping from your seat at one of the concerts, please do not obscure the view for those people around/behind you (remember - they want to be able to enjoy the show as well). No board patches are allowed and no equipment may be left in the sound board area. No taping will be allowed at the soundboard. Remember, each individual venue has its own policy and you must check with them for permission before you bring any equipment to the show.

How come my local venue doesn't have any information about Bruce’s upcoming concert that I see listed on

We post new concert dates as soon as they are confirmed. Frequently, the venue will wait to announce the show until their plans are set and that’s why you may not see it immediately on their website. Keep checking with the box office for information. is listing a concert near me. When do tickets go on sale?

Our office does not have the dates when tickets go on sale in each city. That decision is made by the promoter, not Bruce, or his manager, or his record label. We try to provide a venue website so you can call the box office and ask.

Does Bruce play requests?

Bruce enjoys knowing what the audience wants to hear. Write down your request and get it up to the stage during the concert. Since there is no predetermined set list, you must request your song that night.

Why doesn't Bruce ever schedule a concert in anytown, USA?

A concert promoter must make an offer to Bruce’s agent before a concert can be scheduled. Bruce gives input to his management team about cities and venues, but if you’d like to see a show in your town, make the suggestion to your local concert promoter.

Can I get an autographed picture or have Bruce sign my CD insert?

All autograph requests can be sent to Bruce at Post Office Box 3545, Williamsburg, VA 23187. You will need to include an appropriately sized, self-addressed return mailing envelope with sufficient postage to facilitate your item’s return. We are able to process the requests every 6 weeks or so. Please note we cannot accept responsibility for packages lost or damaged in transit. If you reside outside the United States, please be sure to provide postage issued by the USPS. Postage issued by other countries cannot be utilized. 

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